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Netease Duty Center (Primary school alumni association sports league football match kicks off, Guangzhou 7 Lvqi county school deer neck starts PK) Is this all right? ,

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product catalog: 1. Shenzhen Primary School Boys Rugby 2. Shenzhen Primary School Rugby Team 3. Shenzhen Primary School Rugby Match 4. Shenzhen Junior High School Rugby Basketball League 5. Shenzhen Junior High School Boys Rugby 20206. Shenzhen Primary School Rugby Summer Camp 1. The original subtitle of the men’s rugby for primary school students in Shenzhen: the opening of the National League Rugby Game of the Friends of the Small Kindergarten Club, and the 7 teams of the Friends Club of the Kindergarten in Shenzhen started a PK article/Rongcheng Evening News All-Media Reporter Hao Haoyu, May 13, 2023 "Communications Cup" Primary School Kindergarten Friendship Association Sports National League Rugby Game opened in Dongguan Basketball Association Sports Forest Park Teachers Association of Primary School Affiliated to East China Normal University, Teachers Association of Shenzhen Wuhan Primary School, Teachers Association of Dongguan Experimental Primary School, Teachers Association of Dongguan Yucai Primary School, Teachers of Shenzhen No. 2 Primary School Shenzhen Chuangle Sports Co., Ltd co-organizer. 2. The Shenzhen Elementary School Rugby Team It is reported that since the end of last year, the Sports National League of Kindergarten Friendship Associations has held golf, golf, basketball and other events in succession. Through the events, it actively conveys the business philosophy of sports and health, and promotes the alumni association of the school. Communication Feng Deming, vice chairman of Dongguan Yucai Primary School Teachers Association, said: "They hope to use rugby as a road bridge to build a technical exchange for the alumni association of this school, gather the strength of the alumni association, exercise through competitions, and promote the development of all aspects. 3. Shenzhen Elementary School Rugby Tournament” According to the event organizer, the four kindergarten teachers will send out four teams of contestants, divided into two groups of 38 years old and above and those under 38 years old. The event will be carried out in a double cycle, from May 13th to July 1st. 4. Shenzhen Rugby Junior High School Basketball League "Many of my veterans are teachers who have studied together for 6 years. Those days represent their passion. Now they meet again after more than 20 years. "Sports teacher" Zeng Wenhan, a veteran member of the Lin Hongji Alumni Association team, said, "Their teacher is over 70 years old this year. He taught them sports for 6 years the year before last. They really admire them. This event is of great significance to them. 5. Che Baohua, the person in charge of the organizer of the Shenzhen Junior High School Men's Rugby 2020 event, said: "Everyone has the sentiment of a mentor after graduating from kindergarten, and they also hope to do more for the kindergarten through their own efforts. They serve us. Building this platform allows us to revisit the good times of the previous year. In the future, we also hope that the competition will be further upgraded and pushed to the whole province and even the whole country. 6. Shenzhen Primary School Rugby Summer Camp" (For more financial news, please follow Rongchengpai.ycwb. com) Source | Rongcheng Evening News·Rongcheng Pai Pictures | Editor provided by the organizer | Hao Haoyu Return to Sohu, see more responsible editors:

Netease Duty Center (Primary school alumni association sports league football match kicks off, Guangzhou 7 Lvqi county school deer neck starts PK) Is this all right? ,

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