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【Game release】Game release process

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This article will talk about game release and the knowledge points corresponding to the game release process. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Don’t forget to bookmark this site oh. List of contents in this article: 1. How is Orange Light game released? 2. The domestic independent game Michangsheng released the official version 1.0 and entered the early access stage 3. How to release games developed by Android? How to publish the game? 1. If it is to be released to the majority of players, it will be released on the web side, which is "repackaged". Packaging on the PC side is not considered to be released, but the game is packaged in the cloud. After the game is released, it will be downloaded. The file is the packaged game, and the second picture is both. 2. There is a game release on the upper end of the orange light game production tool. After clicking the game release, there are two options, one is to generate a test, and the other is to release an assessment. Choose which one to publish and check, and then package it on both the web and PC. Then the upload is successful. 3. After the release, the game will appear in the unchecked column of Orange Light Game Center. When the game announces that you packaged and created one day and found that the game has never disappeared from the review column, there are two kinds of or one kind of orange girl draws the second to congratulate you, your game has passed the review Already entered the orange light home page. You can go to the orange light homepage to find your game. 4. Copy and paste all the original files into the new folder [the example below is the folder of the original game ↓] [paste into the new folder] The above ↑↑↑ is a complicated and crude method. I don't know if it's feasible or not. If it doesn't work, come find me again. The domestic independent game "Looking for Longevity" released the official version 1.0 and ended the early access stage. The game was launched on the Steam Early Access platform on November 26, 2019. The launch of the 0 official version also announced the official end of its three-year EA phase. 2. The domestic self-repair drama "Looking for Longevity" released its latest PV on various major platforms on January 11. At the same time as the PV was released, the game also updated the beta version and released an update notice. The care secretary mentioned that the game will end early access and enter the official version on January 13. 3. Make voluntary income. Open the "Looking for Longevity" game interface. Click on the main task and complete the 30th level to get the props of the dead wood spring. The domestic self-cultivation drama "Looking for Longevity" released the official version 0 on the steam platform. The game was launched on the steam early access platform on November 26, 2019. How to publish the game developed by Android? You need to register a developer account, and then you can upload the game. After passing the review, you can see it in the game market and download it. There are many Android monopoly markets, you can choose several mainstream markets to register developer accounts and submit monopoly. There are many domestic monopoly markets: Huawei, Xiaomi, 360, Baidu, Duobabao, Peapod and so on. Register a developer account with Google, upload the developed Android game to Google Play, and share it globally after passing the review. The first step is to open the software, and then click the "+" at the bottom of the software, as shown in the figure below. Click Upload in the upper left corner, as shown below. Select a version of the video and click to enter. Select the duration of the queue cropping, and then click Next. , The specific process of Android (Android) game and mobile game development begins with the game design department, usually the following positions: the main role of the game planner (also called the main operation) and the executive game designer (called the delivery operation): divided into plot operations , Data operations, there are also regardless, everyone makes progress together. If this is your first time developing a Java project, you will probably need to download the full set of JDK, which includes signing and some tools for storing your application standard types. Do not rush into the sea of development in a hurry to learn the operating program type architecture. It is very important to understand the Android operating program type architecture. You need to go to the official website of Android to download and install the Android SDK... so that UNITY can be released to Android... The development method is basically the same as that of the WINDOWS platform...In the Input class, the method for the mouse can be automatically converted to Touch Domination. 2022 NetEase Game 520 Conference Scheduled Address Onmyoji NetEase Game 520 Conference Live Address Share Click to enter Onmyoji NetEase Game 520 Conference Live Address You can schedule a live broadcast here in advance, and when the time comes, a message will be issued to remind players to come and watch. At this year's Netease Games 520 press conference, more than 40 products will be unveiled, and will bring new game information and massive dry goods to players. Game release on 19:30, 20th, Netease Games 520 conference will be held through the online live game release system. With the theme of "Get together! Love the party", this press conference gathered NetEase's new works, bringing a lot of surprises to the fans of the great game joy. This is the end of the introduction to the game release and the game release process. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more information about this, remember to bookmark and pay attention to this site.

【Game release】Game release process

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