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product catalog: 1. Sweet and delicious desserts for foreigners in Guiyang 2. Dessert app in Guiyang 3. Desserts recommended by foreigners in Guiyang 4. Guide to gourmets in Guiyang for foreigners 5. What is popular in Guiyang 6. Dessert website in Guiyang Liuben 7. Special snacks eaten by outsiders in Guiyang 8. Dessert street eaten by outsiders in Guiyang Guiyang happens to be both Sister Bangguo and Kuguapo are in Guiyang, the gourmet trio will reunite in their hometown, and the desserts must be carefully arranged! At that time, I would like to offer you overseas Chinese compatriots a detailed recommendation of desserts from other places: this trip back to Guiyang happened to be in Guiyang, where Sister Bangguo and Kuguapo were both in Guiyang, and the gourmet trio would have a reunion in their hometown, so the desserts must be carefully arranged! At that time, I will present you overseas Chinese with detailed recommendations for desserts from other places: this trip back to Guiyang happened to happen that Sister Bangguo and Kuguapo are both in Guiyang. Sister Guo and Bitter Melon Po are both in Guiyang. Who knows that the gourmet trio will be reunited in their hometown. Desserts are a must. The strategy is good to follow and eat, this is a positive response to our clear request~3. Guiyang Dessert Recommended by outsiders ROUND 1 Recommended by Naosiwei: ⭐⭐⭐⭐📍: No. 12, No. 3, Dongkangshi Street (Sideline at the end of Shizhong District) 4. The six days of Bashi’s six-day Congfuhua have begun. After breaking the ice, I will meet Juan’er and go to another online celebrity brain silk tail to sign in~~ The location is good, just next to Qianmen Street in Shell. Parents who come to Guiyang can easily come here to eat and eat, but they must remember to recognize the facade. There are a total of three restaurants nearby (the other two are not working) ), don't go to the wrong store. 5. What is popular in Guiyang? Offal lovers, please raise your little hands. Another one can really have it~ The boss has marinated the brains in advance, so it is very tasty and the taste is quite tender. Even if you eat it empty-handed, you will not feel fishy at all. , friends with heavy taste can add a dry dish to eat with noodles. It is also my favorite thin noodles. It absorbs enough delicious and flavorful soup. This is the small noodles I miss! . 6. Guiyang Dessert Website Liuben, in addition to the main dish, also has traditional special snacks such as Bo Bo Chicken and Cold Cake Jelly. Drops, the taste is well prepared, the brewed chili oil is fragrant and fresh, it is very suitable for rolling a few skewers to pass the time while waiting for the radiant flowers ROUND 2 . 7. Guiyang’s specialty snack LANSPATISSERIE (rotten plums) Recommended constituents: ⭐⭐⭐⭐📍: 1st Floor, Jingronghui, No. 99 East Street. Two years ago, another rotten plum was recommended to us. There are many pots After the netizens went to sign in, they also praised Youjia for their frequent innovation of flavors, the ingredients are also very real, and the sweetness is well controlled, not too sweet and greasy. 8. The sideline of rotten plums on the dessert street eaten by foreigners in Guiyang is near Naosiwei. We chose to hang out here for the second stop and eat some new products and drinks~ 9. Food for foreigners in Guiyang The time-honored dessert brand Liuben Pistachio Strawberry Mousse: Emmm..., how should I put it, it belongs to the contestant who does not step on thunder and is not unpalatable but also has no surprises. The taste is OK, but not so happy that I want to turn around~~10. What do outsiders in Guiyang eat black sesame raspberry tart: This black sesame tart is the best this time. After all, the old aunt of the health care party fell in love with black sesame first when she saw black sesame And mousse sauce, wrapped with sweet and sour raspberries, the taste is balanced and advanced. I saw a friend on Weibo who said that after eating this one, he thought it was too sweet, but macaron itself is very sweet. , because its structure is to be supported by white sugar. Rotten plums are made of black sesame seeds with a strong aroma, combined with acidic raspberries. The finished product is really not sweet in the macaron world. It is one of the few macarons that make me feel no pressure to eat. If you really want sweet and delicious desserts but worry about saccharification, you can learn from me and always keep a pack of anti-sugar pills in your bag, and eat 2 pills before each dessert, which can not only help break down sugar, but also relieve yourself of guilt. Sultan King Durian Cheesecake: If you are a serious durian lover, please PICK this one. It contains solid durian pulp, paired with sweet and sour mango sauce, and there is a layer of cake bottom similar to crispy fragrant rice. Bite it down and stuff it into your mouth The layered taste is extremely rich, and people like me who are not too cold about durian have swallowed more than half of it. Two years later, Rotten Plum paid for it out of pocket for the second visit. I feel that the standard is still online. I blindly selected three products and all of them are qualified. The black sesame taste is full of surprises. It is still worth checking in for ROUND 3 Pengji Rabbit Hot Pot Recommended ingredients: ⭐⭐⭐⭐📍: No. 360, North Section 1, First Ring Road (near Northwest Bridge) Tutu is so delicious, how can you come to Guiyang without eating rabbit? rabbit! During the six days of fighting with Tutu, Sister Bangguo brought home-made cold rabbits to feed me early in the morning, and then took me to the 28-year-old Pengjie rabbit hot pot. After the audio was sent, it was recommended by the same item from overseas Chinese. It is said that if you want to eat authentic Guiyang desserts, you have to choose this kind of fly restaurant hidden in a residential building. Although the environment is not good, the taste is really good~ A dry dish without crushed peanuts is incomplete. Juaner and I ordered a small portion of rabbit. There was a whole half rabbit (rabbit head, rabbit meat and internal organs) in the bottom of the pot. After eating, a bunch of potatoes were given as a gift Sweet potato powder and bean sprouts, two girls just eat these are enough to keep them full. The other rabbit hot pot is freshly killed. The rabbit meat is fresh and tender, and it is not bad at all; the taste of the rabbit liver is also great, and the rabbit meat is extra smooth and tender. Before cooking, the boss will fry it first and then cook it in the hot pot. It is suggested that we can eat it in a hurry, and it will taste better after cooking for a while~. A small portion of rabbit + a bowl of fried rice with eggs + 2 bottles of mineral water, the total is only 72 yuan at the checkout! This price is estimated to be only enough to order a Sichuan dish in Shanghai. When you come to Guiyang, you must try this kind of market dessert. It proves what is delicious, affordable and affordable~ROUND 4 Dengji sugar oil and fruit recommended ingredients: ⭐⭐⭐⭐📍: The sugar oil fruit recommended by Juaner in the store. Parents who like to eat glutinous rice products can come and check in. Another sugar-oiled fruit has a crunchy caramel shell. The finished sugar-oiled fruit is soft and waxy on the inside and crispy on the outside. With the aroma of brown sugar and sesame, it reminds people of the simple and rustic delicacy in childhood. When we went to eat, the boss said that they are about to move the store, and parents who want to sign in should not go to the wrong side. Recommended constituents of ROUND 5 Zen Spring Ice Powder: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍: No. 14 and No. 6 of Kuixinglou Street. The most important thing is to halve the sugar content! Friends who are not sweet and delicious can also try it with confidence. It is definitely a sharp tool to relieve spicy heat. They have quite a lot of branches, we can find the nearest branch to taste. Take a closer look at the picture, the purely handmade ice powder will be filled with such small air bubbles. The handmade ice powder not only has a stronger aroma, but also has a more Q-bouncing taste. The picture above is the lychee rose ice powder I ordered, and the picture below is The brown sugar glutinous rice cake ice powder ordered by Sister Bangguo is delicious and plentiful. In fact, there is also popping candy in the rose lychee. I have to say that the popping candy is really a good helper to improve the style. From Michelin stars to street specialties, any dessert with popping candies added will make you uncontrollably "woo"~ Finally, on the day I left, before going to the airport, Sister Bangguo specially opened In the car, Kuguapo and I went to another branch to eat this ice powder. As long as you have eaten rose and lychee, you will love it. ROUND 6 Baker spicy grilled fish Recommended ingredients: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐📍: Hongxing Road 707, 7th Floor, IFS International Financial Center Mall, No. 1, Section 3. There should be a summary of the previous situation here: we met with Kuguapo first in the afternoon, and then went to eat pot helmets, rabbit heads, jelly, and cold noodles while waiting in line. The pile of special snacks has never stopped...so that it didn't take long for dinner to start, and I went straight into a state of confusion. There are many branches of bakers on the top. If I go to another Ifs on Qianmen Street in the city center, although It takes a long time to line up, but we can get the number first, then go downstairs to go shopping, and then go up to eat when the number is almost there. In fact, it is very convenient, just remember to plan the time in advance. The double sinful combination of hot and soft sweet potato mash with grilled cheese, even though I was so full, I still dug a few spoonfuls out of my life. I have to say that high-calorie foods are delicious, but they are too full, so it is suitable for us to share together~~ Osmanthus yogurt is relatively thick in texture, and the matching osmanthus sauce is very good, full of fragrance and not too sweet , It’s just right to pair with grilled fish to relieve spicy food. The highlight is the grilled fish. Compared with the classic spicy flavor, the fragrant jade green pepper taste is more charming. In addition to the taste, you can also choose the type of fish. This time we chose the most expensive Jiangtuan, because it stings The least meat, the most meat, and the tenderest. Their grilled fish is cooked just right. The skin is crispy and the inside is tender and juicy. The fish has no small thorns. It is suitable for lazy people like me who want to eat meat. The black bean curd spread next to it is their signature. It has a delicate taste, full of bean flavor, and is full of the soup of the grilled fish. If it is not too full, I really want to eat a few more pieces. This grilled fish took more than 30 minutes to be served, so I waived the order for us. I think it’s even more delicious when I think it’s free. The picture is even more attractive: overseas Chinese, do you have any private list of Guiyang desserts that you recommend, and you are welcome to leave a message to share~ I look forward to your comments. The lottery draws on the three platforms in the previous issue will be drawn on July 3rd. Parents who did not participate Remember to participate, maybe this time I will leave Africa and enter the European Union: You may also want to read: Anti-virus | Go to Guiyang and follow this dessert guide to eat right! The way to open it is desperate to complain and admit it | Guiyang Dessert Red and Black List is here. If you like the article at that time, don’t forget to click "Looking" to encourage me

The application software used by Ganganagar (What do foreigners eat when they return home? Easier Guiyang desserts are not all strategies) Can this be all right? ,

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